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The New People, the Thomas Merton Center’s monthly newspaper, ceased publication in Fall, 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since that time members and friends of the Center have missed the dialogue, reflection, and information that publication so often featured. In keeping with the intellectual and spiritual searching, and consequent civic engagement, that so characterized our namesake, the Thomas Merton Center introduces the New People ePub, a forum for all who have, or wish to, interact with the Center and the activism it has embodied for more than 50 years.

Our Mission: The New People ePub invites submissions that elaborate upon, discuss, dispute or explore the historical, cultural and intellectual foundations of the Merton Center’s expressed mission and values, as well as dialogue about current activism responding to governmental, corporate and private policies related to the mission and values.

Editorial and Commentary Guidance: Because all material contained in the New People ePub will reflect upon the Center itself, some editorial control over its content is necessary. At least two editorial supervisors will review each submission to the e-Pub to ensure that the guidelines listed below are met, and to perform editing that will enhance the clarity of whatever material is submitted. Editorial supervisors may also delete comments appended to a submission, based on the same listed guidelines.

Editorial and Commentary Guidelines:

  • Submissions to the New People ePub must, in some discernible way, connect to the ePub’s mission as stated above.

  • Language directed towards individuals and groups that is insulting, threatening or libelous will not be accepted.

  • Expressions of strong negative emotions, such as anger or resentment, should be directed primarily towards the ideas, histories and policies under discussion.

  • Comments on posts should adhere to the guidelines above, and remain on topic.

How to Make a Submission: email
Please consider subscribing making a pledge to help us continue this work!

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