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Rachel E. Nunes

Executive Director (they/she)

Rachel joined the TMC in February 2023. Previously they were President of United Steelworkers Local Union 3657, employed by the Strategic Campaigns Department at the United Steelworkers International Union, co-founder a Pittsburgh-based community mental health care cohort, and were a direct action organizer with over 10 years of experience fighting for racial, gender, and economic justice at the interpersonal as well as structural levels.

As TMC’s Executive Director, they use their leadership and activism experience to carry forward the TMCs mission of growing activism to combat systemic injustice incurred by BIPOC communities. Through increasing community engagement and educational and skill-sharing opportunities for BIPOC activists and organizers, and simultaneously strengthening and growing organizational partnerships, campaign capacity, they believe these activities will secure the center’s future as a resource to our community. 

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As President of my Local Union, they oversaw and directed the work of board and committee members, and managed a long-term strategic plan with a goal to increase member engagement and develop future leaders. They achieved many of those goals, primarily through an intersectional and horizontal approach that consists of facilitating difficult conversations around privilege and power dynamics in the union, and taking the time to educate and reach consensus as much as possible so that the Local could move forward in unity. They utilize these strong organizational, administrative and communication skills in their work to advance the TMC’s mission and grow its capacity, and partnerships.


Their activism experiences include leveraging privilege and resources to support the

work of Black women-led efforts, and they believe that relationships based on trust and mutual respect should be the building blocks of a vibrant activist community. While coordinating safety efforts for actions, They make the time, even when little is available, to mentor, empower and share skills that help volunteers and organizers feel confident and capable in their roles. They bring this ethic to their role as Executive Director and efforts to increase community engagement and educational and skill-sharing opportunities.


1256 Franklin Ave,
Pittsburgh, PA 15221



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