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Join the fight for Transgender Solidarity with a few Events Coming up THIS WEEK!

Taking a Trans Stand:

Fighting for Our Lives

WHO: Pittsburgh Coalition to Protect Trans Lives

WHEN: March 27th, 3:30-6pm EST

WHERE: Schenley Plaza, at the Gazebo; 4100 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh

On March 27th, join the Trans community and allies in rallying for trans students at the University of Pittsburgh. In the same week as Trans Day Visibility, a nationally-funded student organization, is hosting anti-trans advocate Riley Gaines. Riley is a known transphobe whose rhetoric seeks to push trans folks from public spaces and fuels the ongoing physical and mental violence against our community.

There are currently 411 bills in legislation, 15 passed, that attack transgender people and criminalize gender nonconformity in the United States. The network of anti-trans groups advocating for these laws is not based on misunderstanding, but rather informed and targeted hate. With this anti-trans movement only growing, we must urgently rally as trans people and for trans people.

We encourage trans people and our allies to come together March 27th to hold the University of Pittsburgh accountable for allowing hate on its campus. The University must serve the neighborhoods it owes its existence to by protecting and making amends to trans and other marginalized communities.

“How many years has it taken people to realize that we are all brothers and sisters and human beings in the human race? I mean how many years does it take people to see that? We're all in this rat race together!” – Marsha P. Johnson

Activist Wellness Circle

WHO: The Thomas Merton Center

WHEN: March 31st, 6-9pm EST

WHERE: 1256 Franklin Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Next week is action packed! Pittsburgh Activists will hit the streets for Trans Lives and in solidarity with the LGBTQIA2S community. Join us next Wednesday from 6-9pm at Community Forge to decompress between events, with light refreshments, music and time spent with comrades.

TDOV: Rally for Trans Lives

WHO: SisTers PGH in support of TGNC Youth Collective

WHEN: March 31st, 5pm EST

WHERE: 414 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

(Pittsburgh) – Each year on March 31, the world observes Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) to raise awareness about our vibrant community and bring attention to our fight for equality.

To mark this day, SisTers PGH is supporting our TGNC Youth Collective as they organize a Rally for Trans Lives on Fri., March 31, at 5:00 PM outside the City County Building in downtown Pittsburgh.

This year’s observance is especially critical as state houses across the U.S. pass bills aimed at erasing and endangering our lives. Here in Pennsylvania, HB138 was recently introduced by Republicans that aims to demean the process of transitioning. Another bill would ban transgender girls from competing in high school girls sports.

We must continue to speak up and be visible in the face of these attacks as the rhetoric becomes even more extreme and violent. We also must uplift those who are organizing actions in this fight, including students at Pitt who are protesting the university’s decision to allow blatantly transphobic speakers on campus to debate our existence.

SisTers PGH will also continue to support trans youth and allow them to lead in the manner they see fit, as they are the flame that lights our way forward. We must also ensure seniors in the trans community are heard, as they have a unique perspective on the times.

If you are interested in speaking at our TDOV rally on March 31, please contact us at Stipends will be provided for speakers.

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