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Our work is accomplished because of the financial support of our Cornerstone Sustainers and members. Consider joining their efforts as we make peace and social justice a central area of concern in Pittsburgh’s organizing efforts.

Please consider becoming a member to sustain TMC’s core functions so that we can continue to promote our mission and vision of building a more peaceful and just world regionally and nationally through our campaigns and projects.

If you do not want to become a member, you can also use the Membership/Donation page below to donate to the general operations of the Thomas Merton Center. If you want to set up a recurring donation, please use the Monthly Peacemaker page or call (412) 361-3022 or email at

Membership Information

  1. A one-year subscription to the NewPeople, published ten times a year.

  2. Invitations to all Thomas Merton Center sponsored events.

  3. Invitation to the annual New Person Awards and the Thomas Merton Award Dinner.

  4. Countless opportunities to participate in campaigns and projects that are changing the world for the better!

Memberships are $50 for one year | Student / low-income memberships are $15 for one year.

One-time Membership/Donation

Choose this option if you wish to donate just once for an annual membership. You can also use

use this option to donate to the general operations of the Thomas Merton Center without getting an annual membership.

Monthly Peacemaker Membership

Choose this option to donate for a membership every month. Payment will automatically be given to the Thomas Merton Center in the amount indicated during registration. The same amount will be given every month until cancelled by you. Please email  or call 412-361-3022 to cancel your automatic payments.


As a Thomas Merton Center member, you will become a critical ally in our efforts to fight the root causes of injustice, and promote peace, both locally and globally. You also receive a number of benefits, including:


Participation in the governance of the Thomas Merton Center

As a member of TMC you will be invited to participate in organizational decision-making processes. Members are asked to attend an annual retreat, during which we solicit feedback and plot the course for the coming year. The retreat is also a great place for members to network and continue building community with one another.

Access to peace and social justice networks through the TMC weekly eblast and monthly New People newspaper

Members receive the TMC eblast that lists weekly organizing events in the area with a focus on including information from our partner advocacy organizations. They also receive the New People by the mail or through email, which includes progressive news stories that focus on human rights, the environment, ending the wars, prisoner rights, and other issues that impact the communities’ moral consciousness and awareness of the world around them.

The opportunity to join a committee or a project

Members are invited to take a deeper role in the day-to-day operations of TMC by joining one or more of our committees or projects including the Events, Finance, Development, and Membership committee. Members also learn more about the 25 projects of the center which focus on specific organizing goals that work toward accomplishing transformative changes.

Access to organizing meetings, potluck dinners and trips that focus on today’s peace and justice issues

TMC regularly facilitates free presentation potlucks, trips, and organizing activities for members to further develop their analysis of social justice issues, addressing themes such as economic justice, peace and nonviolence, human rights, environmental justice and much more. This is a great way for you to continue to build your own capacity and awareness as a social change agent and proponent of social justice values.

Knowing that you are part of a growing movement working for long-term progressive social change.

We are making a difference not only in our region but in the world in general. People are paying attention to the way we organize community, develop leaders, train youth to be advocates and develop strategies that address root causes of peace and social justice issues. With your support, we truly are building progressive power through member activism.