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Edith Bell (Co-founder, TMC)

Fatima Bunafoor

Rob Conroy (President)

Neil Cosgrove 

Bill Chrisner

Mark Dixon

Antonia Domingo

Nijah Glenn

Ken Joseph

Anne Kuhn 

Jonah McAllister-Erickson 

Jordan Malloy

Emily Neff

Darnika Reed

Tyrone Scales

Symone Saul

M. Shernell Smith

Daniel Sun

Peggy Ward

Rob Wilson 


Board Development Committee
Recruits board members, conducts board elections and evaluation, and implements board governance policies
Building Committee
Oversees maintenance of 5123-5129 Penn Ave. sites
Cornerstone Sustainer Committee
Helps sustain the peace and justice mission of the Center by recruiting yearly TMC financial supporters.
Development Committee
Coordinates development goals of the Center
Membership Committee
Coordinates membership goals, activities, appeals, and communications 
Thomas Merton Award Committee
Plans and oversees Thomas Merton Award events
Editorial Collective
A consensus based editorial collective that edits, plans, produces and distributes the monthly NewPeople newspaper
Finance Committee
Ensures long-term financial stability and accountability of the Thomas Merton Center
Personnel Committee
Oversees staff needs, evaluation, and personnel policies
Project Committee
Oversees project applications, guidelines, and policies and submits project requests to the board
Special Event Committee
Plans and oversees TMC fundraising events with supportive members and friends
Technology Committee
​Plans and oversees Center technology needs