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Employment Oppertunities

The Thomas Merton Center is seeking a Community Organizer who shares our values and seeks to help us further our mission and campaign goals, in a collaborative and supportive environment. All experience levels are encouraged to apply. 


Organizational Mission 

TMC works to build a consciousness of values and to raise the moral questions involved in the issues of war, poverty, racism, classism, economic justice, human rights, and environmental justice. TMC engages people of diverse philosophies, faiths and backgrounds to find common ground in the struggle to bring about a more peaceful and just world. 


Vision Statement

TMC strives to build collaborative movements and mobilize resources to aid movements for justice. We encourage people to learn, grow, and work in the pursuit of social justice and peace to ensure the dignity of all human beings. We strive to achieve this vision in a supportive, nurturing and facilitating manner. 

Community Organizer

Job Title:  Community Organizer

Employment Status:  exempt, full-time

Reports to and Supervised by: Executive Director

Position Supervises: Interns and volunteers

Compensation: Starting salary $50,000/year; health/dental/vision insurance; 11 paid holidays; paid time off for illness and vacation, flexible scheduling and hybrid workplace, development opportunities



  • Build and facilitate continuing relationships with individuals and partner organizations.

  • Respond to opportunities to further campaign goals as they arise. 

  • Help organize workshops to involve the public and volunteers in the TMC and campaigns.

  • Help coordinate membership and fundraising events.

  • Conduct research on key issues related to campaigns, write and present reports on findings.

  • Work with activist communities and organizational leaders to build support so as to influence decision-makers around campaign goals.

  • Help increase media presence and name recognition by assisting with speaking engagements, facilitating events, news releases, and materials that promote campaign goals.

  • Help develop donor and fund base complementary to the TMC at large and help track revenue / expenses, as assigned. 

  • Organize and send meeting minutes, reports and internal communications as assigned.

  • Facilitate information access to TMC partners, interns and volunteers as assigned.

  • Develop and manage an effective communications framework for campaigns, including New Media tools.



  • Attend staff meetings when assigned.

  • Present reports on activities to supervisor, committees, and at Board meetings.

  • Assist with administrative tasks when called upon for support.



  • Orient, train, and direct volunteers and interns with supervising support.

  • Work with TMC committees and coalition partners to advance campaign goals with supervising support.


Candidates must be able to:


  • Maintain confidentiality. 

  • Work as part of a team. 

  • Work with people from diverse backgrounds. 

  • Multi-task. 

  • Work efficiently with limited resources. 

  • Travel to events, meetings and other activities.

  • Ask for support when needed. 

  • Demonstrate interpersonal communications skills. 

  • Produce written communications.

  • Utilize technology and New Media with competence.

  • Be willing to participate in development opportunities. 


How to apply: Submit cover letter and resume by email to: The first deadline for applications to be received is November 3, 2023. 


The Thomas Merton Center is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.


*If you need support developing cover letters and resumes, as well as interview preparation, The Carnegie Library Job & Career Education Center may be able to help. Contact them by phone at 412.622.3114. 

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