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Before submitting an article, please read the guidelines carefully:

The NewPeople is interested in receiving articles that relate to the mission of the Thomas Merton Center, which works to build a consciousness of values and to raise the moral questions involved in the issues of war, poverty, racism, classism, economic justice, human rights, and environmental justice.  We give priority to articles that deal with the four part focus of the Thomas Merton Center: environmental justice, economic justice, human rights, and anti-war efforts.

1) By submitting an article online you are giving the NewPeople Editorial collective permission to edit and publish your article.

2) The deadline for submission is the 13th of the month for consideration for the following month. Articles received past deadline may not appear in the next month’s issue.

3) We do not accept articles from third source parties, you can only submit an article on behalf of yourself.

4) Please completely fill in all fields to submit the article.

5) UPDATE: Please do not submit articles by e-mail. 

6) Opinion pieces should be marked as “Type of Article: Opinion.”

7) Factual information should list the original source. Facts also must be accurate.

8) Quotes should be attributed and accurate.

9) Please name the source for photos, so the photographer can be credited.

10) The collective will only consider two articles from each author in any one issue.

11) Articles over 850 words in length will be returned to the author to edit down.

12) We welcome submissions, and we do read and consider each one, but, because we are small in number, we are unable to respond individually. We appreciate your consideration of The NewPeople.

13) Anyone can join the editorial collective! Please email for more information.


Before submitting a poem, please read the guidelines carefully:

1) TMC is a collective-based center for social justice publishing up to two original poems per issue in its monthly newspaper The NewPeople. We welcome your submission! To get an idea of the themes, length, quality, and diversity the collective is looking for in poetry, we invite you to read recent issues.

2) Please submit up to two unpublished poems. We ask that you wait six months before submitting further work for consideration.

3) By submitting a poem online, you are giving TMC permission to publish it.

4) You will get an automatic response thanking you for your submission

5) We reserve the right to edit your work and/or suggest revisions.

6) The deadline for submission is the 13th of the month.

7) We do not encourage simultaneous submissions and ask that you please wait six months before submitting elsewhere. If you don’t hear back from us in that time, we most likely have declined from publishing your poems and you may submit elsewhere.

8) Please fill in all fields when submitting. 

9) The NewPeople Newspaper operates under a consensus driven model in which volunteer members of the Editorial Collective work together to edit, proof, layout and choose what work will be included in the paper. If you would be interested in serving on the editorial collective, please email


If you would like to advertise in the paper, please email with your ad (in JPEG, PNG, or PDF form) and send a check to the Thomas Merton Center. Please call 412-361-3022 for more information.

Thomas Merton Center

5129 Penn Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Page Size                                        Monthly        5 Months      10 Months

Full Page (14" x 9")                        $295             $1593           $2596 

Half page (7" x 9")                         $150             $810              $1320

Quarter Page (7" x 4.5")               $80               $432              $616

Sixth Page (5" x 5")                        $50               $270              $396

Eighth Page (3.5" x 4.5")               $40               $216              $352

Business Card Size (3.5 x 2.5")    $15               $81                $132 

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