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Call today! Don't let our PA house reps pass HB28, a "show me your papers" law that will force local police assist ICE with detention and deportation of immigrants. It's especially important to call Allegheny County democrats who supported similar bills in the past. Please call and ask your representative in Harrisburg to publicly commit to voting NO on HB28.

Dom Costa -  (717) 783-9114

Joe Markosek - (717) 783-1540

Tony Deluca - (717) 783-1011

Harry Readshaw - (717) 783-0411

Bill Kortz - (717) 787-8175

HB28 would force local police to enforce federal immigration orders. Requiring local officers to perform the work of federal immigration officials leads to increased racial profiling and the detention of citizens. Mandated cooperation between ICE and local law enforcement also undermines police-community trust; immigrant crime victims are unlikely to contact local police who simultaneously perform the work of immigration officials. Most importantly, this bill will result in increased deportations of our community members and the forced separation of families that have made Pennsylvania their home.

This map below shows PA State Representatives who supported similar bills in the past. Please find your address call your representative in Harrisburg and ask them to publicly vote NO on HB28. These legislators need to know that we are watching them, and that we care about our immigrant communities!

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